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*meat.*rossederomon TheSpirit a Comforter. 47 which he asketh for : fo the fouls ofaChriflian by the ailitiance of the Spirit is enlarged to requeft things of Godwhich yet of themfelves doe page theknowledge and underflandirigs ofthofe thataske them,/678.8 .26, 27. Epb.3J9. Phi/.4.7. z Cora4. I 5. Secondly, the Spirit is a comforter byapplyingandRe- prefenting Chriff abfent onto thefouleagaine. For firtl,the Spirit carrieth a Chriftian heart up toChria,inheavenly affe6tions, and converfation, Ce/.3.1,3. Phil.3.2o. as a piece ofearth when it is out ofits place,doth ever move to the wholeearth: fo a fparkle ofChrifls Spirit will na- turally moveupward untohimwho hath the fulneffe in him. A flone, though brokenall to pieces in the motion, will yet through all that perill and violence move unto the center : fo though the nature ofmanabhorre , and would of it felfe decline the peerages of death, 2 Cor. 5.4. yet theApoille clerked to bedifolved,and tobeta_ kenafunder, that by arowanes&might bewith Chrift, who is the center ofevery Chriflians define, Phi/J.23. Secondly, the Spirit bringeth Chrift downe to a Chri- fortneth him in hisheart, evidenceth him,and the vertue of his paflion, and refurreaion , unto the con- fcience in the powerfull difpenfation ofhis holy ordi- nances. Therefore when our Savior fpeakes offending the holy Spirit, headdeth,I will not leave you comfort- lef,fe, I will come to you when theworld teeth me not, yet ye fee me.. This noteth the prefence ofChrill by his Spirit with the Church : but there is more than a pre- fenceithere is an inhabitation, As that tirseyouAallknow that Ianonmy Father, andyola in me, andI inyea, x 4.18,2o. Thirdly, the Spirit is a comforterby a workeoffweet andfrail/flea' illenttimsties, not onely giving the know- ledge,but the loveand comfort ofthe truthunto a Chri- ilian, making him with open facebehold as in a glaffe thegloryof God, and therbrtransforminghim into the fame VERSE d.