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VERSE I. The spirit a Comforter. kweePaele 11avalmome.1011 fame image from glory to glory. The light of other fciences is like the light ofacandle, nothing but light but the knowledge of Chrif by the Spirit is like the light ofthe Sunne, which bath influences and vertue in it. And this is that which the Apofile cals the Spirit of Revelation in the kyowledge ofGod, for though -there be no Prophetical! nor extraordinary revelations, by dreames,vifions, extafies,or enthuflafines; yet according to themeafure offpitituall perfpicacie, and diligent ob- fervationofholy Scriptures,there arefill manifold reve- lations, or manifeilationsofChrif unto the foule. The fecret and intimate acquaintance of the foule with God, the heavings,afpirings,and harmony ofthe heart withCbrifi, the fweete illapfes and flaffies ofheavenly light upon the foule, the knowledge of the depths of God and ofSatan, ofthe whole armor ofGod and the thong man,of conflias of Spirit,prote1ion ofAngels, expetiencesofmercie, iffues oftemptation, and the like, are heavenly and conflant revelations out ofthe word manifefled to the foules ofthe faithful' by the Spirit. Laftly and principally,the Spirit is acomforter in thole eer ofjoyand peace which he worketh in the heart. For joy is ever the fruite, and Companion ofthe Spirit, G41.5.2 z. 4/1.1 3.5 2. and the joy ofthe Spirit is like the interceflionofthe Spirit, unfpeakableand glorious, Pet.i.8.not like the joyof the world, which isempty, falfe, and deceitful', full ofvanity,vexation infufficiency, unfuteableneffe to the foule, mingled with fortsofdif- appointment andmdcardage, with tremblingsand guilt ofconfcience, with certainty ofperiod and expiration but cleere,holy,confant,uninixedfatisfaaory,and pro- portionable to the compafTeof the foulennoregladneffe than all the world can take in the increate oftheir come and wine, Pfid.4.7. And thisjoy ofthe Spirit is grounded :Ioneverypaf- [ageofaChriftian conditiortifrom the entrance to theend.