Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

momont...0.0,10.=e TO THE RIGHT HONO- RABLE THOMAS, LORDCOVENTRY, Baron of Ailsborough, and Lord Keeper ofthegreat SealeofEngland,&e. tiltofl Noble Lord, T was the devout profeffion which Saint LAuilita once made of himfelfe , when fpeaking of the great de- light which hee took in Ci- ceroes Hortenfitis ( as eon- taminga molt liberall exhortation to the love co,fpi.3 ofwifdome,without any bias or partiality to- wards feets)heaffirmeth,that the heateofthis his delight, was by this onely reafon abated, becaufe there was not in that booke to bee found the Name of Chrift without Which Name, nothing, though otherwife never fo politeand elaborate, could wholly poffeffe thofe affedions, which hadbeene trained to a nobler fludie. AndGregory Z(azianzen,that fa- Orat.19 mous Divine, fetteth no other price uponall his Athenian learning ( wherein hee greatly excelled) but onely this, that hee had fome- thingofworth,ro efteeme as nothing in com- pardon ofChrift ; herein imitating the exam- ple of S. Paul, who though hee profited in the Gal.I.40. IewifhReligionabove manyothers,yet when the Sonne of God was revealed in him, laid it. Pn" 3'8* A 2 all