Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

fallseassessesseearemaS The Epi/Ile Dedicatory. all afideas loffe and dung for the excellencyof the knowledgeofarty/ lefus histord.The con- fiderationof which facred affeaions in thole holy men, together with the many experien- cesofyour Lordfhips abundant favor,hath put into meea boldneffe beyond my naturall dif- polition,toprefix fo great a name before the poore pieces ofmy lAbours in Gods Church. Other argument in this booke there is none to procure either your Lordfhips view or pa- tronage, than this one, (which that good Fa- ther could not finde in all the writings of Plato or Cicero) that it bath that. High andholy Perlin; for the Subject thereof, the knowledge of whom is not onely our greateft learning, but our Eternall Life. In this confidence I have prefumed to prefent unto your Lordfhip this publike Teftimony of my molt humble duty, and deepobligations for your many thoughts offavour and bounty towards me, not inmy felfeonely, but in others, unto whom your Lordfhips goodneffe bath vouchfafed under that I-4)dt tooverflow.TheLerdlefra,our cur- lifelchifedek,meet your Lordfhip in al thole honorable affaires which hee hath calledyou unto, with the conftantrefit:Amon and benedi- Ilionof his holy Spirit, and longpreferveyou a faithfull Patrone ofthe Church which hee hath purchafcdwith his owne blood ; and a worthy inftrument ofthe juflice, honourand tranquilitieofthis kingdome. Tour Lordfbips molt ' humblydevoted, Ed. Reynolds.