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1The renewingvertueofthe Spirit. ,.sammea, 1141..*P Chrift isin the difpenfationofhis word andSpirit ; and therefore the Prophet faith, the Some ofRighteonfileire Addarifewithhealing inhis wings,Mal4.2. where the Spirit in the word,by the which hecommeth,and prea- cheth unto men, Eph.2.I7.1 called the wing ofthehome, becaufe he proceedeth fromhim, and was lent to fupply his abfence, as thebeame doth the Suns; and this Spirit the Apofile calleth thefirengthner ofthe inner man,Eph.3.16. Thirdly, the Spirit dothnot onelybeak, but renew, and revive againe : when an eye is fmitten with a fword there is a double rnifchiefe,a wound made,and afaculty perifhed : and here though a Chirurgian can heale the wound, yet he can never reflore the faculty, becaufe totall privations admit no regreffe or recovery : but the Spirit dothnot onely beak, and repa ire but renew, and reedifie the fpirits ofmen. As he healeththat which was tome, andbindeth up that which was finitten, fo he re- vivethand raifeth up that which was dead before, Hof. 6.1,2. and this the Apeitle cals the Renovation ofthe Spirit,Tit. 3.5. whereby old things arenot mended and put together againe, (for ow:fall made us all over toopro- fltable,and little worth,Rom. 3.12. Prov.Io.2o.) but are done quite away,and all things made new againe,2 Car. 5.17. The heart,minde,affeaions,judgment,confcience, members, changed from [lone to flefb,from earthly to heavenly, from the image of Adam to the image of Chrift,Ezek,.11.19. I Cora 5.49. Now this renovation muff needsbe matter ofgreat joy. For fo the Lord com- forteth his affli&ed people,efeti.54aI,I2,I3. Fourthly, theSpirit dothnotrenew and let the frame ofthe heart right, and then leave it to itsowne care and hazards againe; but being thus refiored, beabideth with it to preferve andfiipportit againft all Tempeasandbat- teries. And this further multiplieth the d f joy an com ort ofthe Church that it is eflablifbed in Righteourne.ffe, fo E 2. that VERSE I.