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50 VERSE I. The Spirit the Ode of gladnelle. trary in the wall, but mecte without any repugnancie in the eye,becaufe though asqualities they fight,yet as ob- je&s they agree incommuniconceptu fo joyand mourning though contrary in regardoftheir immediate impreflions upon the fenfe, doe not onely agree in the fame principle the grace ofChrifl, and in the fame end the falvation ofman, but may alto be fubordinated to each other ; as a darke and muddle color is a fit ground to lay gold upon; fo a tender and mourning heart is the bet/ preparation unto fpirituall joy. Therefore our Sa- vior compareth Spirituallfarrow unto thepines ofa wo- man in travell;other paines growing out offickneffe and diflempers,havenone but bitteringredients,andanguifh in them ; but that paine groweth out of the matter of joy,and leadeth unto joy: fo thoughgodly forrow have fome paine in it,yet that paine bathever joy both for the roote,and fruit ofit, hh.16.24. and though for the pre- fent it may haply intercept the exercife, yet it doth flrengthen the habit and ground ofjoy: as chafe flowers in the fpring rife highefl and with greatefl beautie,which in winter fhrinke lovvefl into the earth. / trem6/44,faith the Prophet, in my felfe, that Imight reit in the dayof trouble, Hub. Secondly, the Spirit doth not onely Difcover, but heale the corruptions oftheJoule, and there is no joy to thejoyof a faved and curedman. The lame man when he was reaored by Peter, exprefied the abundant exul- tation ofhis heart, by leaping, and'railingcod, ,4a.3.8. for this caufe therefore amonga others theSpirit is called the elkofgladnere,becaufeby that healingvertuewhich is in him, he maketh glad the heartsofmen. TheSpirit oftheLord, faith Chrifl, is upon me, becasfe the Lord anointed me topreach good tidings to the ',lecke, hebath fent me toblade the brokenbearted,Efai.61.6. and againe, I will inde that whichwadbroken,andwillflrengthenthat which wafick,Euk34.16. Now this healing vertueof Chrifi'