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TheSpilt hip quickning the Word. inheritance ; and thereby begetteth a lively hope, an earnefl expeciation a confident attendance upon the promifes, andan unfpeakable peace and fecurity there- upon;by which fruits offaith and hope there is a glori- ous joy flied abroad intothe foulc,fo ful,and fo intimate- ly mingled with the fame that it is as poffible for man to annihilate the one,as to take away theother. For accor- ding. to the evidence of hope , and excellencie of the thinghoped,muli needs the joy there. from refulcing re- ceive its fweetneffe and liability. By all this which path been fpoken ofthe miffionof the Spirit in faith abundanceafter Chriftsfitting at the right handof God, wee fhould learne with what affe. &ions to receive the Gofpel offalvation, for the teaching whereof this HolySpirit was filed abroad abundantly on theEinbaffadors ofChrifi; and with what heavenly converfations to expreffe the power which our hearts have felt therin, to walke as childrenofthe light,and as becommeth the Gofpell ofChrift, to adorne our high profeffion,and not to receive the graceof God in vaine. Confider firfi,that the word thus quickned will have an operation, either to convince unto Righteotifirffe,or to Peale unto condemnation ; as the Sunne,either to inelc,or to harden ; as the raine, either to ripen corne,or weeds; as the Scepter ofa King,either to rule fubjeas,or to fub- dueenemies; as the fireofa Goldfinith, either to purge gold,or devoure droffe ; as the waters ofthe fanCtuary, either to heale places, or to turne, them into fait pits, Etek.47.1 z . Secondly, according to theproportionof the Spirit ofChM inhis word revealed thanbe the pro- portionof their judgment whodefpife it. The contempt ofa great falvation,and glorious Minifiery {hall bring a forer condemnation, Hek.2.2.4. If Ihad not come and !poke:J:0:o them (faithour Savior) they hadnot hadfinne, lo12.15.2, 2. Sins againfi the light ofnature are no fins in comparifon of thofe again} the Gofpell. The earth E 3 which 5; VERSE I. ,R7173:7;;3 - Roni.9.23. z Cor.S. 4. Ph Pet.I.S. lob. 16.21,24. 'Dori At' ra- pen.