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54, TheSpirit the churches Comforter. VERSE I. goosernoweemutearoo* whichdrinks:is in the raine thatfib often on i, andyet beareth nothing but therms and briars, U rejelled, and nige unto enrfings Heb.6. 7,8. Thirdly, even here God will not alwayes Cutler his Spirit to (hive with fleib, there isa Day ofPeace, which he calleth our day, a day wherein he entreated-) and befeecheth us robe reconci- led: but ifwe thereinjudge our felves unworthy ofeter- nail life, and goc obilinately on till there be no remedy, he caneafily draw in his Spirit, and give us over to the infatuation of our owne hearts, that we may not be cleanfed any more till he have caufed- his fury to sell upon us, Etfk.,2+ 3. We fee likewife by this Dot wherupon the cm- flirts oftbeChurch are founded; namely,upon areas the firl comforter, byworking our Reconciliation with God: and upon the Spirit as another consforter,teflifying and applying the fame unto our foules. And the conti- nual! fupply and affiaance of this Spirit is the onely comfort the Church bath againfl the dominion and growth of finne. For though the motions ofltifl which are in our inembers,areCo dole,fo working,fo full ofvi-i gor and life, that we can fee no power nor probabilities ofprevailing againit them ; yet we know Chrifi bath a greater fulneffeofSpirit than we canhave offinne, and it is the great promife ofthe new covenant, that Godwill Flithis Spirit Inton , and therebylave *ofrom all our an- cleaveres,a,ek.36 ,27,29 . for though we be full of fin, and have but a feed, a fparkle of the Spirit put intous, and upheld and fed by further, though final! fupplies, yet that little is fironger than legions oflull; as a little it or leven feafoneth a great lump, or a few dropsor Spaits firengthen a whole glaife full of water. Therefore the Spirit is called a Spirit ofiodpront andofbroning, be- mileas one Iiidge is able to condemne a thoufand pd. foners, and a little fire to confinne abundance ofdroffe: fo the Spirit ofGod inand .prcfent with us, though re- ceived