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ks bada openEnmitie. mosows......=1111111.0.10.111....... .. islet up. 7/.2. Efay 8.14. And indeed by howmuch the more dangerous itis,by fo much the more fubtil wil Sa- tan and a finfull heart be todeceive it felfe therein ' for this is a certaine truth, that men may profeffe and falfly beleeve that they love the Lordblue, and yet be asmall enemies unto his Perfon and Kingdome, as the /ewes that accufed, and the Heathen that crucified him : Hee misfitupfor a figne to byfpoken again.Ft,for a rocke ofof- fence, anda (tone of flumbling, which the very builders them/elves wouldrejtel.Falfc brethren amongti the Phi- lippians there were, who profefred the nameofChrifli- ans, end yet by their fenfuall walking and worldly min- &Snare ' declared tbennfelves to bee enemies to the croffeofChrift, Phil, 3.18,19. To honour the bodiesof the Saints departed with beautiful) fcpulchres, is in it felfe a teflimoniall of 6ncere love and inward cflimation of their perfons and graces ; and therefore the Holy Ghoil hash recorded it for the perpetil all honourof iv- fephof ilrimathea andNicodems -t they embalmed the body of ref/es, and laid it in a newfep,alcher, Ioh.19. 38-41, yet our Saviour pronounccth4 woe azainft the Scribes andPharifees,becaufe they built the tombes ofthe Prophets, andgamThed the fepukhres of the righteous, Matth.z3.29. The fault was not in the fa& it fclfe, but in the hypocrifie oftheheart, in the incongtuitieof their other pra5lices, and in that damned proteaion, which by this platifible pretext ofhonour to the Prophets,they laboured to gaine to their perfons, and approbation to their attempts againfi Chria, in the mindes ofthe peo- ple, who yet ordinarily efieemedChria ( whom the y perfecuted) a Prophet fent from God. They profeffe, If wehad beene in thedayes ofour Fathers, wee would not havedone as theydid : But our Saviour reproves this hypocritical! perfwaton, by fhewing firf3/4, that it was no flrange thing with them to perfecuteProphets, but a nationall and hereditary finne, and therefore they had no 57 V R S r.