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1 0 1 Hypocriticalllow to Chrifl ..----.. VERSE I. ScriptUres,) as in little inapsoflarge countries, there is no word when+pon force point of weighty confequence may not depend. Hete then is confidcrable the terrne of duration or mea[nre of ChrtI?1 Kincdonte; Vntill. The Author of subduing Chrias enemies under him ; /, the Lord. The manor thereof,ponam,andpun:fc46efiton ; Put thy foes as a (Toole under thy fectc.Vietory is a rela- tivc word, and prefuppofeth enemies, and they areex- preffed in the text. I will but touch that particular be- caufc I have handled it more largelyuponanotherScrip- cure, and their eninitic is here not dcfcribed, but oncly prefuppofed. It !hews it felfc agaiisfi Chriff in all the Offices ofhisMediation. There is enmityagainfl him as a 'Prophet. Enmity againa his Truth. Inopinien,byadul- terating it with humane mixtures and fuperinduce- ments, teachingfor Doarines the traditions ofmen: In affeelion, byvviaiing many divine truths were razed out ofthe Scriptures, as beingmanifealy contrary to thole pleafures which they love rather thanGod. In cenver- fation, by keeping downe the truth inunrighteoufnefre, , and in thofe things which they know, as brute beafis, corrupting themfelves. Enmity againfl his reaching, by quenching the motions 3 LI and refiflina the evidenceofhis Spirit in the word, refufing toheare his voyce,and reje- aing the counfell ofGod againfl themfelves. There is i Enmitie again({ him as 4 Priefi, by undervaluing his Pei fon, Sufferings, Righreoufneffe,or Merits. And as a Xing; Esmityto his Werip,by profane& negleeling it, by idolatry communicating it,byfuperflition corrupting it. Enmity to his wayes'and fervice, by ungrounded s, prejudices, mil-judging them as grievous, unprofitable, or unequal! wayes; and by wilfull difobedience forfa- king them towalke in the wayesofour owneheart. And this is a point which men fhould labour to trie themfelves in, for theenemies of Chrifi are not onely out ofthe Church,but in the midfl where hiskingdome is