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7z VERSE I. Evidences o four true love to Chrift. devoureth to quench ,grieve,retift,rebel againfl this Ho- ly Spirit and to fling off fromhis condua againc. Se- condly, the conk in this cafe will abundantly love the Ordinances of god (in which by his Spirit lye is [till walking in the ruid(t of the Churches) for the Law is written in it by the finger olGod,fo that there is a lute- ableneffe and coincidencie betweene the Law ofGod and the heart offuch a man. He will receive the word is the poritie thereof,andnot give way to thole humane inventions which adulterate it to that fpirituall treafon ofwit and fancie, or of heretic and contradaon,wthich would flampe the private image and fuperfcriptiOnofa man upon Gods ownecoin, and torture theScriptures to confeffe that whichwas never in them. Hee will re- , ceive the word in the power , twjefile , aNtherity thereof, fuffering it like thunder to difcover the forreft, and todrive out all thole fecret corruptionswhich fhel- terd themfelves in the corners,ordeceit ofhis heart. He will delight to have his imaginations humbled, andhis fleChly reafonings non. plus'd,&al his thoughts fubdued unto the obedience ofChria. Hee will receive theword asa whaVomepotion , to that very end that it may fearch hisfecret places,andpurge out thofe tough and incorpo- rated Inas which hithertohee had not prevailedagainft. Heewill take heedof hardning his heart that hee may not heare, ofreieeting the counfell ofGod againa him- felfe,ofthruaing away the word from him,offetting up arefolved will ofhis owne againii thecall ofChriff,as of moil dangerous down-fats to the foule. Lailly,he will receivethe word in thefpiritualneffe thereof, ftibfcribing to the clofell precepts ofthe Law , fuffering it to clenfe his heart unto the bottome,hee will let the confideration of Gods command preponderate and over-ruleall re- fpetsoffeare, love, profit, pleafurc,credit,compliancy, or anyother charme to difobedience ; bee will bee con- tented to bee led in the narrowell way , to havehis fe- creteft