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Doidences ofour true loTe toChriji. moo, +1.1....9.41.0eSeIlM.611.10110. walessille..iftem.IVe.1111.11.1, creteft corruption reveal'd and remov'd , to expofe his confcience with patience under the laving, though fe- men blovvesofthis fpirituall fword. In one word free will deny the pride ofhisowne wit, and ifit bee the evi- dent truthofGod which is taught him,though it come naked, and without any dreffings , or contributions of humane fancie,hee will dininguifh betweene the author and the innrument,betvveene the treafure and the vef- fell in which it comes,and from any hand receive it with fuch awefull fubmiffion ofhearcas becommeth Gods owneword. Thirdly , the fonle in this cafewill:non dearly love every, memberof Chrifi. For thefe two, the love ofChria,andofhis members,doe infallibly accom- pany one another. For though there bee a farre higher proportion oflove due unto Chrifi than unto men , yet ourlove to our brethren is qusad nos and I polleriori, not onely the evidences, but even the meafure ofour love to Chrifi. He that loveth not hisbrother whom hee hathPeen , howcan he love God whom bebath notfeene ? (faith the Apoffle) i /ob.4.2o. bee that bath not love enough in him for a manlike himfelfe,howcan bee love Godwhofe goodneffe beingabove our knowledge re- quireth a tranfcendency inour love ? This then is a lure rule ; He that loveth not a member ofChrifl,loveth not him , and hce who groweth in his love to his brethren, groweth hkewife in his love to Chrifi. For as there is the fame proportionofone to five as there is oftwenty to an hundred,though thenumbersbe farre lege : as the motionofthe fhadow upon the diall,anfwereth exa1ly to that proportion ofmotion and difiance which the Sunne hath in the firmament , though the Sunne goeth many millions of miles when the fhadow it may bee moveth not the breadthof a hand: fo thoughour love to Chrifi ought to be afar moreabundant love, than to anyofhis members , yet certaine it is that themeafure of our, progreife in brotherly love is puriolually an- fwerable 7; VER S E I.