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Evidencesofour true low to artil. we may aclde, Fira, An univerfall, cheerefes11, and con- flant obedience tohisholy Commandements : ffaman, faith Chria, love me, hewillkeepe my Commandments; andmyFatherwill love him, andwee will come onto him, andmakeourabode with him, lob.14.24,There is a two- fold love, a love which defcends, and a love which afcends, a love ofBountyand beneficence, and a loveof Male and fervice : fo then,as a father doth then only in truth love hischilde,when with all care heprovideth for his prefent education and future fubfiflence ; fo a childe doth then truly love his father, when with all reverence and fubmiffion of heart he fludieth to pleafe and to doe him fervice : And this love ifit be free and ingenuous,by howmuch the more not only pure and equall in it felfe, but alfo profitable unto him the comrnandement is, by fo much the more carefully will it endcvour theobferva- tion thereof. And therefore fince the fouleofa Chrifli- an knowes that as God himfelfcisgood, and doth good, fo his Law (which is nothingbut a rayand glimpfe of his owneholineffe) is likevvife good in it felfe, and doth good unto thole which walkeuprightly,it is hereby en- flamed to a more fwcet and ferious obedience thereun- to, inthe keeping whereof, there is for theprefent fo much fweetneife, and in the future fo great a reward: Thy Word, faith the Pfaltnifl, is verypure, therefore thy fervant lovethit. Secondly, Afree, willing, and cheerefallfstferingfor himandbis Co.slell. Vntoyou, faith the Apoille ' it is gives inthebebdfeofChri fl, not only to beleeve onhim, but alio tofullerforhktfake, Phil.t .29. We fee how far a humane loveeither of their countrey, or of vain-glo- ryhath tranfported force heathen men to the devoting and calling away their owne lives : How much more fhoulda fpirituall love of Chrifi put courage into its to beareall things,and to endureall things (as the Apofile fpeakes, 1 Cora3.7.) for him, whobare our finnes,and our 75 VERSE I. Pfalar9.68. Pfal.i lb Mic.a.7. Efay45.19. Pfal 40. Tend, xpolog. cap.ult.