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...........,.....--.... ......*,..........-- The ..tability o ingdome fet niy King uponmy holy hill of Sion, that notes the union donation, Plains. 2.6. and in mount Sion where God hath let him, hee (hall .reigne from hence- forth even for ever, (.34:c . Though hee be achilde borne, and a forme given, yet of the encreafe of hie go- vernment andpeace there /ballbe no end; upon the throne of David, and upon his Kingdome, to order it, and to eflablifln it with judgement and Oa ice, from henceforth for ever and ever, Efay 9.6, 7. unto the Sorme hee faith, Thy throne, 0 God, isforever andever, Fleb.i. 8. And here wee mull diftinguifh betweene the imbfiance of Chrifls kingdome, and the forme or manner of admini- firing and difpencing it. In the former refpea it is abfo- Intel, eternal!, Chriff (hall bee a head and rewarder of hismembers, an everlatiingFather, a Prince ofpeace un- to them for ever. In the latter refpea it (hall be Eterms/1 according to fume acception, that is, it (hall remaine un- till theconfummation of all things, as long as there is a Church of God upon the earth, there (hall be no new wayof fpirituall and effentiall government prefcribed unto it, no otherVicar, Succeflour, Monarch, or Vfur- per upon hisoffice byGod allowed, but he onely by his Spirit in the difpenfation of his ordinances (hall order and over-yule the confciences ofhis people, and fubdue their enemies : yet he (hall fo reigne till then, as that hee- lball then ceafe to rule in fischmanner as now hee doth, whenthe end comes heelball deliverup the kingdome to codtheFather, andwhen allthings lball be ft:bailed unto him, healto himfelfefball beftsbjett unto him that put all things under him, that godmay be all inall, i Cor. 75. 24-28. He (hall fo returne it unto God,as God did con- ferre, and as it were, appropriate it unto him,namely, in regard of judiciary difpenfaLionand execution, in which refpeaour Saviour faith,that as touching the prefent ad- minithationofthe Church, The Father judgethno man, butbathcommittedall judgement, andbathgives autho- rity