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z. The cicfeneffe and adheiencie of it to nature. How the body of fin is deftreyed in this life. Why God fufhereth the remrinders of corruptions 3. The contagion of it on our heft works. Suddenly. q. The fruiCuhrePíeofit Continually. bringing fruir Dcfperately. 151 Vnexpeftedly, S. The temptation of ir. 155 6. The warreand rebellion of ir. 1 S7 7. 1 he wifdome and l,olicics of it, 161 8. *The ftrength and power of it. 164 9. The madnefïe of ir, and thattwo. fold; I. Fiercenefre and rage. 167 z. Inconfiderareneffe and inconfiftencie of reafon. 184 1o. The lndefatigabicneffe of it, 185 Beingnaturail and 186 Vnfatìsfiable. 1E8 Ir. The propagation ofit. 193 The great errour of thofe who either mitigate,or deny originali fin. 199 In our humiliations for finne,wec fhould begin with our evill nature. 212 We Mould be jealous of our fclves and of our evill hearts. 2.13 We fhould hold warrewith our corruptions. 215 Wei;, ould be pa. rion. under the weight of our cc ncupifcence. Ire Wherein the flrength of Mil Ives. z 18 How to withftand concupifcence in all the wayes thereof. zzi The Spirit by the Commandement convinceth us, i. O f aftuall finne, with the feverall aggravations thereof. 226 Th e S p grit convinceth, z. By difcovcring the condition of the flare of finne i. It is an tatare of extreme impotencíc to good. 333 Impu irie. becaute o`ournaturall 1nrmitie. lüfide;itie. 234 dolly. In the wicked there is a totallimpotencie. 237 Whether all the works ofnatural' men are finfull. ibid How God rewardeth the good works of wicked men1 244 How the good works of wicked men proceed from Gods Spirit. 245 W hether 143 144 in us. 14.7 149