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140 Eph.4. z 9. z Tim.q.,z: Tit.i.zç. Ier. d 7 .9. Ier,8.5. iRom,z.q.. Efay 57.1.t. Nchen),9, : 5.. :6,z8,I©. The fin (ulneJje of _ Stn. ter and fooliÇh thoughts, fiipperineffe,; and unftableneffe in all good motions-. S cotidly, loo,ce into the Confcienee,, you ['hall finde it fad of infenfiblene f fe, the Apottle faith of the Gentiles, Tuat they were pall feeling, and the Apoftates in the latter times, that they hadtheir confciences feared with a bot iron, which things though they be fpoken of an ha- bituall,and acquir'd hardneffe, which growes_upon men by a cuflome of finne, yet wee are to note that it is ori- ginall in the Confcience at firit,' . and doth not to much come unto it,as grow out of it. As that branch, which at firft shooting out is flexible and tender, growes atfait e- ven by its owne difpofition into ä hard and í ubborne bough, as thofe pares dale naile next the flesh which are at firft fofter than the reit, yet doe of themfelves grow to that hardneXe which is in the reft ; fo the confciencts of children have the feeds of that inenfbilitie in them, which makes them at lait deafe to every charme , and fe- cure againit all the thunder that is threatned againft them.Full of impuritie,and difobedience, dead, rdtten unfavoury works. Full of falfe and abfurd-excr4fations, and accutàtions,fearing where there is no caufe of feare, and acquitting where there is great caufe of feare, as Saint `Paul here did. Looke into the Heart, and you (ball finde a very Hell of uncleanneffe, Full of deepe and unfearchable deceit and wickedneffe; full of hardneffe : no finnes,no judge., ments,no mercies,no allurements,no hopes, no feares,nò promifes, no inftruc` ions able to ftarde, to awaken, to melt,or fhape it to a better image, without the immedi- ate omnipotency of that .God which melts the moun taines,and turns foones intofonnes of Abraham. Full of Impenitency, not led 6y the very patience and long -fn f fer- ing of God,not allured by the invitations and intreacies of God to returne to him, not perfwaded by the fruitlef- neffe and emptinefle of all finfull lulls to forfake them. FyU