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144. Epiph, Heref, 1. z. Herd. 64. Lev. 14,41.4I Heb. r t. i. Glaff. phi- hfog.Sacram. Lib, i.Traei. z. pag. 168. Rom.'. 20.13 Rorn.6 3.8.1! & 7.3.4 Col. z.ii. GI aíl:philo'og. Sacra.lib. z. pag.4zS. i t lohn 3,9, Mohn;.5. The fnfulnefe of .sinne. warti d off. As fart as Ivie to a wall(it is the fimilitudeof Epi[baniru ) though a man may lop and fhorten the branches, yet the rootes are fo fattened to the joynts and intrals of the wall, that till the ft ones be pulci all afun- der,it will not be quite rooted out. As that bode where, in there was afrettingrand spreading Lepro /ie, though it might be fcrap d round about, and much rubbifh and corrupt material's removed , yet the Leprofie did not ceaCe, till the houfe with the flones,and timber,and mot- ter of it was broken downe : fo originali concupifcence cleaveth fo clofe to 'our nature, that though wee may be much repair'd, yet corruption will not leave us, till our houfe be diflölved. As long as Corne is in the field, it will have refute and chaffe about it ; as long as water re- maines in the Sea,it will retain its faltnef e, till it be de- fecated and clenfed in its paffage intorthe Land ; and fo is it with the Church while it is in the world it will have the body of finne about it,it will be befet with this Sin. In the Apoffle it is for this reafon called, '+ su.19- ûr 7ia, an encompafsing fn,a finne that will not be call off, and loth eafily occupate and pof e fe all ourmena- bers and faculties ; a man may as eafily fhake off the skin from his backe, or powre out his bowels out of his body, as rid lumfelfe of this evill inhabitant : It is an evill that is ever prefent with us,and dwelling in us. But it may be obj eded,Doth not the Apo(lle fay,that by being baptized into Chrifl, or planted into the like- neffe of his death, our old man is crucified, the body of thine is deUroyed,we are freed from finne, as a woman is from a dead husband, wee have put off the body of the finne of the flefh , by the Circun,cijon made without hards,that is, by Baptifme and the Spirit ? Doth not the Apoflle Saint Iohn fay, He that is born of God,that is,he that is Regenerate by Water and the Spirit finnetb not, neither can finite ? To this I aniwer in generali with the fame Apol }le, If we fa y we have no finne, We deceive our fettles,