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146 The finfulneJje of Sinne. Plat¢è dicimtss deceJfiffe legem quoad onera.non quoad Juffttaan Tertul. z Sam. a ;. 5> Mal. 3.17- Hoe i d.3. Horn 14, f. Gal. 3. z3. Efay 53.4.. Col !.9. Phil. a.i3. perfe6t and perpetual! obedience, G41.3. io..Though the Gofpell command holine(fe,. Mat.. S .8 , and promife Luk I. 4.. and work it in us,T ît. a. ro,I I . yet when the Conscience is fummon'd before God to bee )unified or condemned, to refolve upon what it will {land to for its 1a11 tryall ; there is to much mixture of fi:a, that it dares trufl: none but Chrills owne adequate performance of the Law : this is all the falvation, the maine Charter and priviledge of the Church° We are not there fore rigorouf ly bound either to a full habitual! bolines in our perfons, is fupplied by the Merit ofChrifi,nor toa through a&luall obedience in our fervices,which are covered with the Intercef on of Chrij7.W e are at the belt full of weak- nefle,..many remnants,of the old eAdam.hang about us, this is all the comfort of a man in Chrifl,.that his delires are accepted, God regards the fincerity of his heart, and will {pare his failings,. even as a man fpareth his fon that delires to pleafe him, but co nes fhert in hisendeavours ; the t. bee will not looke upon the iniquitieof his holy things,but when he fais will pitie him,, and take him up, and heal° him; and teach him to goe : thus we are deli- vered from the rigour of the Laws which yet is thus to be underftood;That though we be 11111 bound to all the Law as much as ever under perill of fin (for fo much as the bell come (fort of fulfilling all the Law, fo much they fin) yet not under paine.of Death, which is the rigour of the Law. And therefore, Thirdly, we are delivered from the Cterfe of the Law, from the vengeance and wrath of G o D againfl finne,. Chrift was made a cetrfe for so. Laflly, from the Irritation of the Law, and all compul- fory and flavi(h obedience : wee have by Chrift all the principles and grounds of true obedience put into us, Firfl, suowledgeof Gods will, the fpirit of Revelation, wifdome and rpirituall underfianding. Secondly, will to embrace and love what we know. Thirdly, 9rength'in force