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The linfulneffe of Sinne. 147 forrie meafure to performe ít. And by thefe meanes the Saints ferve God without feare,with delight,trillingne(re, love,liberty,pewer,the Law is to them a new Law,a Law of liberty, a light yoke, the Cortsmandements of God are not grievous to them. Being thus dead to the Law, wee are truly Dead to fin likewife, and tin to us,but not univerfally.Dead in regard of its flrength, but not in regard of its being. To apply then the premiffes. Sin is dead naturally, gasoad Reattam, in regard of the guilt of it,that is, that aa ualf guilt of fin, whereby every man is borne a child of wrath, and made obnoxious to vengeance, is done quite away in our rege- neration, and the obligations cartell'd, C'o12.14.. Secondly, fin is dead legal! y,quead egnum, in regard. of the dominion and government of it, in regard of the vigorous operation which is in it. Firfl,fin is condemned, Zom.8. 3 . and therein def inated, and deigned to death, It {hall fully he rooted out. Secondly, in the meane time, it is difabled from a plenary Rule over the Confcience, though the Chrillian be molef}ed and geared with it,yet he Both not hence -forth ferve it, nor become its infirm- ment, to be fubjca in every motion thereof, as the wea- pon is to the hand that holds it : but Civil' and his love beare the fway, and hold the Sterne in the heart, Rom.6. 6, I Cor. S . 14, 15 . i `Pct. 4. I, 2. Thirdly, the fentence of the Law againft fin is already in execution. But we are to note, that fin though con- demned to die,yet(fàch is the feverity of God againft it) it is adjudg d to a lingring death,a death upon the Crof e a 1.d in thefai(hful fin is already upon a Croffe, fainting, firuggling, dying daily ; yet fo, as that it retaines Tome life lbil,fo long as wee are here, fin will bee as fart to our natures, as a nailed man is to the Croffe that beares him. Our thorn will fill be in our flelh, our Canaanite in our tide, our Twins in our womb, our counter- luftings, and.; counter .willings ; though wee bee like unto Chriff per L 2 primitias f?h+1.4. i;. Luke 1.74. Rorn. 7,t z. Pfalrm aio.;. Mic q..z. Rom. 5.5. z Coro;; i 7, z Tiu, 1.7. Iohn I ÿ. 34. fames r. 25. Math. r r.3o. i Iohn I. ;. zit femur fe Lori. Suet Aug. confe(j:1.8 cap. í,