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Dc pecrrttcr: 7zaerit. 0- Re- rrif lib. z. cap. 78. 28. Contra Julian. lib 6 cap. 6. Corttra dual cp. Pclag. lib.; cap. ;. Rieron. ep 8,9 Fulgent arl Alm. ' P(;l. 19.1z. Prov. . o. 6. rCor.44. t John Exa?». Ceur. c. i I. fèef. F. [01.131, I 3 3. i! Yid. Aug. de Grat. cap. 17. Socrat. Ecclef. Mill. g.c.26, Cor.t z 7. Ezek.36.3 I. Aug. lit. cap. ult. The finfuinelfe of Sinne. pr ;mitias fpiritiss ;by the firil fruits of the Spirit ÿ we are unliAe him per reliquiad vetuftati.t,by the remainders of our fleih ; not to tin is here only our La >v,but in hea- ven it thall he our reward. All our perfeálion here is im- perfea; Same bath its deaths blow given it, but yet like tierce P.M implacable beads it never lets goe it hold till the 'aft breach, An:mamque in vulnere ponit ; never cea- feth to infeit us, till it ceafe to be in us. Who can fay, I have made my heart cleave ? Cleanfc thou me (faith holy David) fr6m my fecretfn'.Thouuih 1 know nothing by my Ilfe,yet am 7 not thereby Iufl: fied,faith the Apolile ; and the reafon is added, lie that judgeth me is the Lord;whìch S.,int John further unfolds, Plnd isgre,eter than our heart, j and knowcth all things. W hich places (though molt dan- geroufly perverted by tiome late Innovators, which teach, That a man may be without fecret fumes, that be may make his heart from finne, and that Saii:t `Paul was fo) doe yet in the experience of the holieft men that are, or have b ene, evince this truth, that the lulls of the fl Ai will bee, and werke in us, fo long as we carry our mortali bodyes about us. And this God is pleafèd to íuffer for t hefe and'ike purpof s : Firlt, to convince and humble us in the experience of our owne vileneflè, that wee may bee the more to the prarfe of the glory of his great grace. As onceTheophilus Biiliop of cfllexandria dealt with the Egyptian Idols, (after the embracement of Chriftianity) molt he dellroyed,only one of their Apes and Images he kept entire, not as a monument of Idola- try, but as a fpeef acle of lin, and mifery, that in the fight thereof the people might after 'carne to abhorre them - felves that had liv'd in fuck abominable Idolatries. Se- condly,to drive :is f}ill unto him, to calf us alwayes upon the hold and ufe of our Faith, that our Prayers may !fill hnde fòmething to aske which he may give,and our re- pentance fomething to confeflè, which he may forgive. Thirdly,. to proportion his mercy to his juflice, for asthe wicked'