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The /infulneffe of Sinne. 149 wicked are not prefently fully deflroyed, have not fen - tence fpeedily executed against them, but are referv'd un- to their day, that they may be deflroyed together, as the Pfalmit} !peaks ; even fo the righteous are not here fully laved, but are referv'd unto the great day of Redemption, when they alío thall be laved together, as the Apoflle in- timates, i Thef.4. 17. Fourthly,to worke in us a greater hatred of fin, and longing after glory, therefore we have yet but the find fruits of the Spirit, that we should grone and smite for the Adoption and redemption ; therefore are we burdened in our earthly tabernacle, that wee fhould the more earneily groan to bee cloathed upon with our Houle which u from Heaven. Fifthly, to magnifie the power of his grace in the weakeí'c of his members,which, notwithílanding that inhabiting Traytor,which is ready to let in and entertaine every temptation, (hall yet make a poore Gnfull man ftronger in fome refpeet than Adam was himfelfe, even able to overcome at laí$ the powers of darknefle, and to be fufficienc againtl all Satans buf- fets. Laf}ly, to commend the greatr.effe of his mercy and falvation when we (hall come to the full fruition of it,by comparing it with the review of that finfull citate in which here we lived when wewere at the heft, without pofl'ibility of a totali deliverance. Thirdly, confider the great Contagion, and peflilen- tiall humour which is in this finne, which doth not one - ly cleave unfeparably to our nature, but derives venome upon every alion that comes from us. For though wee do not fay, That the good workes of the Regenerate are ' firmes, and fo hatefull to God (as our advertaries belye and mifreport us)for that were to reproch the Spirit and the grace of Chrifl by which they are wrought : yet this wee affirme con(lantly unto the belt worke that is done by the concurrence and contribution of our owne faculties Loch a vitioufnefle doch adhere, fuch flub. ble of ours is fuperinduc'd,as that God may juflly charge L 3 us Ecclef. 8. i c. fob 21. 30. I'f31.37.13,3$. Rom. 8. t ;. z Cor.s, :4324 Cor. I z.9. Kellirons fur vay I. 6. cap. s. Reca -i opus. Tom. i. op. $. Dellanrn. de juñi frc..4. cap. ici.