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i6Z S The finf ulr>teffe of Sinne. reft the falte principles, policies to globe and corrupt true principles, policies on the right hand for fuperftition and tlatteri,;g of God with will-worfhip, policies on the left hand of open profannefhe. Infinite are the windings and labyrinths of the heart of man, the counfels and projeets of the fleih, to eftablith the Kingdome of lin in it (elfe. It is an argument of one of the grandeft corfequences in Divinity,this one of the wifdom of the f eflh,:hole wiles and principles that hold up the Throne of the Prince of this world. What man is there who will not in prefefli- on bee ready tofpit at the name of Satan, and to defie him and the workes of his Kingdome : and yet what man is there in whole bofome Satan ha; h not a Councell table, a troope of flatif}s, by whom he worketh effeá}ually the defignes cf his owne Kingdome? The more time any man will ipend to make himleffe acquainted with him - felfe, the more light of Gods Law hee will fet up in his heart, the more hee will begge of God to reveale the fe- crets of his evill nature unto him, to make him fee that abundance of the heart, that treafure of the heart, that Hell of the heart, that panoplie and rnagafn of fin and temptation which is there; the more with the prodigall hee comes unto himfe f , and viewes that evill heart, that bit ter roote which is in him : Certainly the more confute on and filence, and abhorrency, and condemnation will there be of himfelfe, the more adoration of that bound - lefie mercy, of that bottomlefl'e purity, which is able tà pierce into every corner of fo unfearchable a thing,able to clenfe every hole and dungeon, and to enlarge it into a fit receptacle for the Prince of glory. Notable to this purpofe i Cor. H 4.14, is that place of S.Paul;If all prophefie,and there come in an 25. unbeleever or unlearnedman,he rQ convine'd ofal,he it juc ged of all, and thus are the fecreti of his heart-made mani- feJl,tindfo falling down on bis face he will Ivor[hip God. As none as a man is convinced and judged out of the Word, and bath the fecret filthineffc of his heart laid open before him,