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The linfrin ele of Sinne. 143 him, lath his confcience cut open, and unrigged by that facri6cing tword, which is adefcernerof the very intents of the heart ; he prefently fais down upon his face in the acknowledgement of his owne unworchineffe, and ac- knowledgeth all woríhip to bee due to that molt patient and mercifull G o D, that had all the former dayes of his ignorance endured fuck an uncleane vefklh which was from the very wombe fitted for wrath, and now at lag, revealed his Gofpell of falvation, opened the bowels of Chritt for a sanctuary and refuge againft all chat venge- ance that attendeth, and againft all thofe fpirituall ene- mies which did hunt his Soule. When men have their owne evill wales revealed unto them (which is ever done by Gods fpirit when hee will pleafe to bee paci fled with them) then mutt they needs be confounded, and bee loth. time in their ewne fight, and never open theirmouths any more, nor held sep their faces, or f#and before god with their wonted confidences and prefumptions. This was the bottome of ` Davids Repentance, That he was conceived in finne, that was not the firft time that bee was an adul- terer, he had it in his nature from the very wombe. Men tef}ify their pride in their looks and faíhions, in their eyes and tongues, it is the deepeft, the clofeft, and yet one of the openeft fins, as a great O e that fpreadeth much in fight, and yet is very deepe under ground too. But now if men did truly confider what blacke feete they are which dca° hold up these proud plumes, what a slinking roate it Is which beares thefe gaudy flowers, what a fut. phury and poifonaus foile it is that nowifheth thefe pain- ted apples, they would begin a little to new rate them. (elves. It is nothing but ignorance that keeps men in pride. If to bee wife to doe evill, and foolish to do good, if to take endowments from the hand of God, and to fight againft him with them,if to pervert the light of rea- fon and Scripture, to plead for ,fin and the purples of Satan, as laleivious Poets ufe the chatt expreífons of Yir- M 2 gil, Hcb,4.1 Z. R©in. t;.16, Ezek.t6.63, Ezek.36.31. Luke 8.13. Lzra,9. I I. Pfa1.5 t4J5