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16q. Ter, de p,æ fczipt. ,adve r.. Hærei:e. c. 39. Rom. 6.1 z Rom.7. 23. Io'.an.g.34' Rom. y.r4. H,i.r l it.r. 1'.16. lames z. x t he fnf ulne f e of Sinne. ail, to notifie the it fordidand obfcene conceits ; If to bee to wife as to make evil!, good, endgood evill, light dark - ne ffe, and darkene ffe light ; to diaingui (h Idolatry into re- . Iigton, fùperfticion into worilrip, Belial into Chritt, be matters to be proud of, then there is in every mas nature a crop and harvefl of ¡Lift pride. Elle wee mutt all con - cludc, that he which'glorieth in any thing which is meet- ly from himfelfe, bath ehofen nothing to glory in but his own ihame. Eìghtly, confider the fizrength and power of this finne, to command, to execute, to bring about what-ever it bath projected for the advancement of Satans kingdome. It bath the power of a King, It reigns incur members : and it bath the ftrength of a Law, it is a Law in 01:r tmem- bers ; and a Law without ftrength is no Law : for Lawes are made to binde, and hold men fail; and therefore the- Apoftle cals luit a Law, becaufe it commands, and holds under all our members to the obedience of it. Therefore wicked men are call'd the Servants of finne, and the bell of us are Captives, that is, unwilling fervants. Which notes filch a then gth of fin, as cannot, ex toto, bee altoge- thzr withflaod. So much flefh and uncircurrtcifedneffe as a man bath in him, fo muchdifability likewife hath he to with, }and lin. 1 n the wicked it bath an ahfolutenefe, an univerfalland uncontrolled power : Firil, they cannot but finne, they can dee nothing but finne; Without faith it is impo 6le to pleafe God ;. and to the impure and uncleane,every thing t nncleane. His, mercies cruell, his prayers abominatión, his offerings the facritice of fooles. Secondly, if they feernf., to toriake any lane, it is not of hatred to that,às a liin;.e( for he thatfaid;T'hou'halt not commit adultery, faid alto, Thou ßalt not k /l) but it is becaufe they preterre others before it A man that bath many concubynes may fò dote upon forne particulars, as that the reit haply may t' tee untouch'd, or but curforily fainted; and yet that is no