Reynolds - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.R485 T47 1642

The linfulneffe of Srnneo no argument of hatred to them, but of preferring the o- thers. So a mans heart msy bee lb taken up with the pur- fuit of forne Herodias, force darling luit, as that others may feeme utterly negleaed, and (corned ; when the truth is, The heart that playes the adulterer with any Pry, loth indeed bate none. Thirdly, if by the power o the word they he frighted from the fin they moft love,yet Intl will carry them to it againe, as Sow returneth to the mire, or a Man to his Wife. Fourthly, if they fhould be fo fired and terrified away, that they dura never aftually returne againe; yet even then luíì will make them wal- low in fpectdatizie uncleannefe, their thoughts, their de- lights, their.ffghs, their byas would flill hanker the other Í way. As lute may dog, and pelter, and overtake an holy i man that:hates it, and yet bee bates it (till ; fò the Word may fright and drive a wicked man from the fin he loves, an yet Rill he Ioves it. Fifthly, this fin, as it keeps men: in love with all fin, fo it keepes men off from all good duties. I.t is a chaise upon all our faculties, an Iron gate, that ket.pes out any good thought, orpoyfons it when it comes in. In the Faithfull themfelves likewile it is exceeding Prong, by e.,figiperiftafir from the Law,to deceive,capti- vate, fell as a llave, to make them doe that which they hated and allowed not, and not doe that which they would, and lov'd. It may feeme a paradox at the firft, but it is a certaine truth, Originall fin is f2tronver in tip faithfull than thof very Graces which they have received. Vnderi { and it thus. A man giveth to a prodigal' forme a great portion into his owne hands, and then gives over the care of him, and leaves him to himfelfe ; in this cafe, though the mony of it lelfe were fufficient to keepe him in good quality ; yet his own folly, and the Crowes that haunt the carkaffe, thofè'harking companions that cleave to him, will fuddenly exhauft a great eitate. So if the Lord (hould give a man a f}ocke of Grace, as much M 3 as 1650