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166 t `r he finfulnelle of Sinne. ; ó7rr Q;4; i ce ?23 Phil. i,i). Zec`n.3.a. E(ay 3®.ii. H.b.t 3.s. P(ii. 37.24. Ho(ea r 4 4. ; PC:L23.6. i Peter i.s. la.i. tríe 24 as `David or Taulbad, and there flop andfùrnith.him with no further fupplies, but give ov er the care and pro '. teátion of him, his lu is are fo firong and cunning, as they would fuddenly .exhaufl it all, and reduce hrm to nothing. For this is certaine, that to be preferved from the flrength of our ovine Tufts, we have not onely ufe of the good graces which God bath given us already (per modurra. principii irharentir) hut. of a.continuedfupport and underpropping (per modum pr ncipii adfifieneta)iòf chore daily fuccours and fupplies of the Spirit of Grace; which may goe before us, and lead imp all truth, and teach us the way which we are to walken,. which may dill fay to our lulls in our bofome, -as-he did to Satan at the right hand o£]ehoiada;The Lord rebuke thee 'thatmay turn vvhifper in our eares that bleffed direetion, This is the way, w.lke init.-Though a man were able to devoure as much at one meale as was (pent upon Tel thè Idoll,` yet bee would quickly perifh without further fupplies': fo though _a man fhould have :a great portion of Grace, and then ee given over to bimfelfe, that would not prelerve him from falling againe. Grace in ns is but like the put - ring of hot water into cold, it may warme it forche time,but the water will reduce it leife to its wonted tem- per, cold is predominant, even when the water with heate, but that w hich keeper water hot, is the pre - ferving of fre Rill about it : So it is not the Grace which the bell 'of us receive, ifGod should there flop, and leave is to them and our felves together, that would over -, come fìnne in us : but that w hiLh preferves us, is his pro, mife o f never failing u.r,i putting under his band,of renew. ino- bis mercies daily to us, o f healing our bsrck flidings,of follotxing no with his o oodnes and mercy all the doges of our life,ofkeepiig ut by his power unto salvation through faith that fame which Fulgentisre excellently cals Inge 1sxili um, the daily a y d and fùpply of grace. For grace doth not . onely prevent a wicked man to make him righteous, but - follower