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26 Ioh.1o.35, 36 I4.6.z7,37, 40. AtIs4.z7. IOi'.13 18. b [oh s.zz, 27,30. Matth.z8.18 c Efa.11.2,3,4 I013.3634,3 S Ephef.c.13. Iob 1;.:7. ru Matth.y.z,F. 1Tim.48. Pf11.37. z 5. Ht. b,13.5. rf be Vanity of the Creature. Now fecondly, let res fee How the Creature it fanaified by the Word. By Word wee are not to underf}and the Word of Creation , wherein God fpake and all things were made good and ferviceable to the ufe of man. For finne came after. that Word , and defaced as well the goodneffe which God put into the Creature, as his Image which hee put into man, But by Word I underhand , in gene - rall, gods Command and biding, which hrengtheneth the Creature -unto thole operations for which they ferve : in which fenfe our Saviour ufeth it, Math. 4.4. and elfe- where , If yee call thofegods unto whom the Word of God came , that is , who by Gods Authority and Commiffion are fitted for fubordinate fervices of Government under him, fayyee of him whom the Father hath a fanaified, that is, to whom the Word of the Father, and hisCommifon or Command came , to whom the Father hath given Au- thority by his b Power , and fitneffe by his c Spirit to judge, and fave the world, Thu blafphemefl , becaufe I faid, I am the Sonne of god 3 Secondly , by that Word I underí }and more particularly the Fountain of that blef ing, which the Apofile in generali cals the Word of Truth, and more particularly, 7 he Gofpeli of Salvation, and this Word is a fanaifying Word ; Santíifie them by thy trasth, 'thy Word is Truth ; and as it fanaifies us, fo it fan&Res the Creatures too, it is the Fountaine not onely of Eternall, but of Temporali Bleflings. And therefore wee find C H R I S T did not onely fay unto the ficke of tlQe Pallie, Thyfinnes are forgiven thee,but Aifo Arife and :rake, intimating, That Temporali Bledüngs come along with the Gofpell , it hath the Promifes as well of this life` at that to come. I never fain the righteous forfa{¿en , faith the Prophet David , (futable to that of the Apofile, Hee hath faid, I will never leave thee nor forfake thee) nor their feed begging their bread ; that is , never fo Wholly by God forfaken , if they were the feed of the Righteous, in-