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ó The Fanity of the Creature. r. Pet, 3.10. .; ri ßo.Pol'it. ROM. T:18. Ioel z.3o. Zeph.t.S. Pfal. i [.F. K11.18.12. Icr.4.z3,23. Efay 13,Ic.. Eufeb.IdifI.1.3. cap. 2. M Belle Iudaica.lib,. cap.i.a. that univerfall flame which will melt the very Ele- ments of Nature into their primitive confufion. Thus wee fee betides the created limitedneffe of the crea- ture, by which it was utterly unfutable to the im- mortali defires of the foule of man , the finne of man hath implanted in them a fecret worme and rottenneffe which doth fct forward their mortalitie , and by ad- ding to them confufion, enmitie, difproportion , fedition, inequalitie (all the feeds ofcorruption) hath made them, not onely as before they were mortal], but which addes one mortality to another , even momentary and vanifh- ing too. When any Creature lofeth any of its native and created vigour , it is a manifetl fagne that there is fome fecret fentence ofdeath gnawing upon it. The ex- cellency of the Heavens wee know is their light, their beauty, their influences upon the lower World, and even there hath the finne of man defaced. Wee find when the Lord pleafeth to reveale his wrath againfl men for finne in any terrible manner, lice doth it from heaven ; There (hall bee wonders in the Heaven, bloud, and fir °e, and pillars of frnoake., the Sunne fhall bee turned into darkeneffe, and the Moone into 6lessd ; and the day of the Lord is called a day of darkneffe, and gloomineffe, and thick dark. . neffe. How. often hath Gods heavie difpleafure declared it felfe from Heaven in the coñfufionof nature ? in (forme and horrible tempeffs ? in thickyclouds and darke waters ? in arrowes of lightning and conies of fire ? in black_neff c and darkeneffe? in brimflone on Sodome, in a flaming fword over Ierufalem , in that fearefull Starre of fire to the Chriflian World of lateyeares,whichhath kindled thofe wofull combuflions , the flames whereofare flill fo great as that wee our felves , if wee looke upon the merits and provocations of our Gnnes,may have reafon to feare,that not all the Sea betweene us and our neighbours cab bee able to quench till it have fcorched and finged us.? Wee hndlikewifc by plaine.experience how languide the feeds of