Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

-- Saint-s hath it beene fo fer· uent, that they baue fent · challenges to Death , ~n firong defires to bet: di{fol· ued, and would .haue built T abern3des in this fpiritu– all bleifednes.But when the · -Spirit of God, in the great Day, fhall haue ful1ypur– ged our fou1es and bodies.· with that diuine fire, and refinedour grofndfe, cor– ruption,anddroffe;then,to– vs tnade fully fpirituall,il1al .the moft high &fouerafgne Spirit bee the chiefe and fo– ueraigne good; f<;>r, Man beingmade fpirituall, lliall deligfitin Spirits,&chiefly in the chiefcft. And then . l thefe grotTe:pleafures, defi· .red n-ow by groife lulls, (haU