Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

..,.,..,....,.,.,.=-=--l~~======--===-"""""""- OF HA .PPINES. iliall be·lothfome arid con– temptible ,_as too bafe for , fo pure,&diuine EiTences. 'Nherefore, if wee would take pleafure in things of excellence, we muft Hriue to raife our felues to their– excellent degree, we muft lift our felues vp to a nature proportionablevnto them. And by fuch an indeuour, wee{hall purchafe a higher fiation, and a higher hap·j pif\e!Te; whereas otherwife 1 we lyedowne bafely in our- !: owne dregs, &complaine . · like Owles of rhe gloricof theSunne, when the fault is"in our owneeyes :'where- ~ fore, let th;s bee the mofr corpmendabieambition,of atruly· noble andgenerous Spirit,