Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

----- ---------- \. Spirit, to aduance hismind to a putitie and excellence, proportionable tO- 'a fuper. ' .eminent obietl a~d ~appineffe. .And bee It reputed thequalityofa bafe,worth-' lefie, andmuddie thing, to· ·bring downe bappineffe to his lo~v , grouehng , and ·groffe defires, .andwhen be· .cann·ot doe fo,.to accufe it. To the fecond, Who is troubled fo much with the - .delay ofpayment, and the deferring of Happineife; for 8n anfwere , ·I would aske him· , how long heel ·would willingly fraY' to bee .Heire of aCrowne l Here, if I may fpeake for him ~ l thin'ke hee would confdfe rhachee would·bee conren• red, , ~-------_..,.._-.....,.__.;,.,..~ .. . •., I ' ..