Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

66 T H E A R. T E . '-· of a true refl: &happineffe. For ift·he Spirit ofman had no_t fome foueraigneSpirir, .. to· giue it-eternall Bliff~, then were miferable man lhut vp vnto this prefent life, as vnto-his foueraigne good, into which a wife & good man wouldneuer re– enter, ifhe were oncewell difcharged ofit.Letvs then feeke a G o o higher then thefe vifible things , and a happines higher then·thefe miferable things; and let vs not reafon with the brutilh - Senfualifl:s; I-Iee is not a Godwhom wee cannot fee with our eyes;but let vs fay ·with the Soulesinlightned; ' Hee is fittefi to bee a God, whof~ .pureneffe doth ex- . , · ceU