Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

could both inuent and pro· duce them. Yea more neer– ly, the dropsand·firean1es of wifedome powred into 1 theCreatures in their feue· rail infiintts, ·and into Man : with his foule plainly con-\ fetfe , that there is fome I· Spr)ngofin.finite w~fdon1e 1 from which thefe Riuolets I might flow, and fome ii1fi~ nitepower whichcould ac– tuate them into the Cr,ea– rures. And iffo)then necef.. farily muft wee alfo allo,\V fome pure- and infinite ·Ef. fedce, \V herein tbis infinite Wifedome&Power migh~ dwell,whieh puritie chiefly excelleth in aSpirit, and to fuch aSpirit canagree no o· ther, but the highefi Name · ·. ' . of \