Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

0 F HA p p I N E s. 73 of God. Thus the things:. fealed, bearing the Image of the feale, -teach vs the feale ; euen thefe vHible Creatu res, bearing the im-, preffionof the Deitie, re– prefent to vs theL1m.eDeitie, as their Caufe and Be.. ginning, and in their dumb ,language they preach vnto vs their originalI. The world thus trimmed vp with the varietie ofin– numerable things, both for - . vfe andor.namenr,3sa royall Pa.Iace for fome great J?rince, rrian (though now· a concen1ptib!e &wret-ch· ed thing) was then thought a fie Owner and Comtnan- ! der of fo glorious a Crea– tion. And this not w·ithout order; / ""'-- ... ... . ' . -