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74 / THE AR.TE order ; for though by his body~ he was of kin to th~ ~artb, yet bis fooJe \VaS of kin to the Deitie ; beinga · Spirit breathed into man by the Father ofSpirits. So Glorie-and Humilitie were married together in man at his firft Creation ; the iffues wberof lhould fiill be· continued; euen apprehen– fions of anexcell~nt foule, to keepe vs from fink1ng into the bafenefTe of fenfu· alirie and earthineJfe; and confiderat!ons ofa clay bo– dy, to ftayvs frommoun- · ting vp in pride, and afcen~ ding into the place of the mofi: High. - · And- no\v euen at the Hrft beginning , God did , tnake