Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

84 JV'arrative of Wettimore thought, that if she should let me go and serve with the old Squaw, she should be in danger to lose (not only my Service) but the redemption-pay also. And I was not a little glad to hear this ; being by it raised in my hopes, that in God's due time there would be an end of this sorrowful hour. Then came an Indian and asked me to knit him three pair of stockings, for which I had a hat and a silk handkerchief. Then another asked me to make her a shift, for which she gave me an apron. Then came Tom and Peter with the second letter from the council, about the captives. Though they were Indians, I took them by the hand, and burst out into tears ; my heart was so full that I could not speak to them ; but recovering my- self, I asked them how my husband did ? and all my friends and acquaintance ? they said they were well, but very mel- ancholy. They brought me two biskets,