Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

92 JV'arrative of or six times did he and his Squaw refresh my feeble carcase. If I went to their wigwam at any time, they would always give me something, and yet they were strangers that I never saw before. An- other Squaw gave me a piece of fresh pork, and a little salt with it, and lent me her frying-pan to fry it; and I can. not but remember what a sweet, pleas- ant and delightful relish that bit had to me, to this day. So little do we prize common mercies, when we have them to the full. The twentieth Remove. T was their usual manner to remove, when they had done any mischief, lest they should be found out ; and so they did at this time. We went about three or four miles, and there they built a great wigwam, big enough to hold an