Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

Mrs. Rowlandfon. 93 hundred Indians, which they did in prep- aration to a great day of dancing. They would now say among themselves, that the governor would be so angry for his loss at Sudbury, that he would send no more about the captives, which made me grieve and tremble. My sister being not far from this place, and hearing that I was here, desired her master to let her come and see me, and he was willing to it, and would come with her ; but she being ready first, told him she would go before, and was come within a mile or two of the place. Then he overtook her, and began to rant as if he had been mad, and made her go back again in the rain : So that I never saw her till I saw her in Charlestown, but the Lord requited many of their ill-doings, for this Indian her master, was hanged afterwards at Bos- ton. They began now to come from all quarters, against their merry dancing day. Amongst some of them came one good-