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SERM. 8. Triumph ofFaith. 69 to be the BleB of God, or to have his Spirit in .them effe8ually_ working. Objetr. 3· '.10 do any Thing in Confctence to a Commandm~nt is to be under the Laat, and contrary to the Covenant of Grace. ..4nf'.v. The Law of Grace or Gofpel bath Comt:nandments, as Ro1n. · '· 6. I z. Let not Sin reign therefore in your mor-. tat Jlodies; And this is backed with a Reaion taken from the Promife of Grace, V. 14. For Sin jhatt not have ~ominion over you : For )IOU are not tender the Law but under Grace; foPbit. z. I, z. Work out, &c. For, V. r 3· It is God who 1 worketl:; in you, though we have no phyfical Dominion ovet the affi,fting Grace ot God fo as I can forcibly command the ,Wind of the Spirit to blow when I pleafe; yet have we a certain moral Dominion by Virtue of an evangelick Promife; fo as Faith is to have Influence in all AB:s of SanB:ification, aml to look to the Promife of Affiftance, which he who cannot lie bath promifed, though he be not tied to my Time and Manner of Working; yet do I fin in not praying, and in ··not believing, \ ~ even when his Wind bloweth not: God's Liberty and Freedom of Grace cloth not deftroy the Law of either Works or Grace, and fi·ee me from my D~ty. ObjeEI:. 4· Jletieving and Obedience of Fait/:; is but a Confequent of the Covenant. not an .Antecedent, fo I mufi believe upon other G1·ounds, but ' , not in Way of the Condition of the Covenant, for in that :lenor I am to do nothing. An{w: The Apoftle, Rom. 1 o. exprdly diftinguilheth between the Righteoufnefs of (he Law, Ver. 5· which equireth doing as a Condition; and the Righre fneis of Faith, Ver. 6. which requireth belie g, E 3 Ver.