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The Trial and SERM. 8 z. And though they believe not at the :firft Hour yet this Gofpel-Covenant is not fruftrated, even if poor Souls believe at the Eleventh Hour · the former Covenant leaveth Sinners for the fi;ft Breach without Reme~y,, or !"Io~e of Life, by the Tenor of the J,aw, not io thls Covenant. Chrjfl: knocketh w~.ile his wet with Night Rain. Object. 2. ( 1 wtll put 111-y Law in your in- "'.Vard Parts) is no Condition to be perfot-rned by us, but b,y God only, and fo all the Tie lieth upon God, if God do .not t his as he promifeth, J er: 31 . .iJ1ufl not t he Fautt or Fai)ing be his who is tied in a Covenant to pe?form his Part, and dotli it not? Now this God promifeth, ]er. 31. Heb. 8. 10. Ezek. 36. 26, 27. and to circumcife our Hearts to love the Lord, Deut. 30. 6. which Arminians deny, contrary to the clear Day-light of Scripture, or then, when ever we :fin who are under the Covenant of Grace, by committing and acting Works of the Flefh, and omitling to believe, -pray, praife, huh1ble our Souls for Sin, God is to be blamed, who worketh not in us by his efficaci, Gus Grace to will and to do, as he bath prornifed, Phit. 2 . q . Ezek. 36~ 26, 27· and the Regene:- rate cannot :fin a t all, bec.aufe it's the Lord's Fault ( Gorl avert Jl tajpbemy) that we :fin, for without h is 2:iving of a pew Heart, and his _efficacious mo- ving us to walk jn his Way, to which God is tied b y Covenant, Ez~k. 36. 27. :Deut. 30. 6. we .cannot chufe but fin; hence they teach we are fjOt obliged to pray, nor do we fin in not believing, in not praJ.'ing, <U-'hen the .:Brtath of the Wind Of tiM Holy Ghofl doth not blow, and aB us to thofe holy 2Juties. H ence alfo it is taught, That none are exborted to believe, but fucb whom we know to