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SERM. 8 Triumph of Faith 7I lie·ve. An(w. I. Chrift alone as the meritorious Caufe juftifieth, and his imputed Righteoufnefs as the for~al Caufe; 'and this Way Chrift alone juftifieth the Patriarchs, Prophets,. A poftles, and a U .Believers e're they be born, but this is ];>ut the :Fountain ready to wafu: But believe it~ Chrift wafheth not, while we be foul, he cloatheth t1S pot while we be naked, he giveth not Eye-falve while we be blind, nor Gold while we be Poor, nor is his Name Our Righteoufnefs while we be Sinners. 2. Men not born ~annot be the ObieCl: pf actual Righteoufnefs, the unborn Chi_ld necdeth no atl:ual Application ofCht1ift's Eye-falve, ofhis Gold and Righteoufnefs 5 now J uftification is a real Favour applied to .us in Time, juft as Sanaification in tlie New Birth, I Cor.. 6. t x. And fuch were fome of you, bt~t ye are wajhed, hut ye are fonBijied, but ye are juftilied ; then they were fometimes not wafhed. 1.. Poverty putteth Beauty, Worth, and a high Price on Chrift ; Senfe of Sin faith, 0 what can I give for precious .'Jefus Chrifl ? But his Father cannot fell him. 2. Y8t is Faith a Palfy-hand under Chrift to receive him, :John L 1 1. 'Tis an /Evangelical AB:, and not a mere Pa:flion but of Grace deputed to be a Receiver, a certain Inn-keeper to lo~ .;· Chrift; and fo Chrift his alone doth not 1, ':l. o t e being mere Patients, this is not 1-r. ·• " 1t r. _t a Father Chair and Throne of Etl:at will_ fay him a thougiveth Glory to Chrift, andcmd_ 1 . t~e Father of Alms; but taketh no Glor~ ~Jve h.m~ the thou- £0. :But be was flrong in thf. ~ 18 mofi u~IPfioper~y 1"?' to God: We cannot be jufr~ m~y ~~ ay t ~ l1eve. J. \Ve are damned be• or ot ~ges ~n that betievBtb not is condemnrrobund <f LGtbertmes E ~ e:<:aute race a4 bou11Geth ; ' I