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72 The Triat and SERM. 8 z.He that is jufrified is glorified; Rom.8.3o. and faved, .L11ark I 6. I 6. 3· We are born, and by Nature the Sons of 1Vrath, Eph. z. 2. We ourfe!ves we1~e fometime difobedient, &c. \ :But he bath fa~ ved us, V er. 7· c_t'hat being juflified by his Grace, we fhoutd be m.ade Heir~ accordin?; to the Hope of eternal Life, Rom. 7· \. Paul maketh dearly two different Times and States of the Saints, one V er. 5· When-we were in tbe Ftefo, and the Motions of Sins which wereJJy the .J-aw did work in our Members, to bringforth Fruit unto !I.Jeatr, then oux jir(l Husbanrf the Law was living, and we under a Mother and Father that begat Children to Death, arid fo. we are jufiified, V er. 6. !But now ~we are detiv~red from the Law, and Rom. 6. 1 4· :Yea, are not under the Law, but under Grace, when Chrift our fecond Husband marrieth the Vvirlow freed from her firft Husband the Law, then we under Grace, and juftified; and then 'new ·Lord ne·w Law. 4· By Faith we are ~nly united to Chrift, poife{fed of him, Chrift dwelling in us, E'ph. 3· I 7. Living in him by Faith, 'John I I. _26. Gat. 2. 20. Re~eiving Chrift, 7ohn 1. J I. Havmg Chrift, I 7ohn 5· I 2. Married to Chrlrc; Eph. 5· 3~. Eating and drinking Chrift by Faith, .7ohn, ~. ~u, 47, 45 . Coming to him as to a living Stone, CJ0 tJt1?· 4· Abiding in him as :Branches in the ObjeCt., T (!:.,. ·• Now if we were juftified beno Work can be. %ould have an Union by the Grace ;,yea, ChrtF before we be juftifieq, and fo Chrifl. nor a_ny '!ore we liv~, .and be new Crea- !Yea, ".J.Je are J!ffltfi~ yet in the State of Sin a_nd 011ly forv.eth f~r t,'"'his Juftification without Fa1th ot~r Confctenc.venant. I ~zviJt be your ~od; lte-ve ··we ar·on God is not bE>und and we be true tl' - ' free;