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74 r The Triat and SERM. 8 boundeth; for they print itt :(bat all the Activi"! ~'Y of a 'Believer is to fin. s~ to believe muft be :fin, to run the Ways of God's Commandments with a Heart enlarged by Gr'lce, mutt be no Ac~ tion of Grace, but an Action of the Fle.fh. 6. Paut, in the Epijl:tes to the Romans anrJ the Galatians, ta~eth !or granted~ that Juftification is ~ Work done 1n T1me, tranfient to us, not an immanent and ete_rrial Action remaining, either in Gqd from Etermty, or performed by Chrift on the Crofs before we believe; and fo never taketh on him to prove that we are juftified before we eithe~ do the Works of the Lfl.w', or believe in Jefus Chrift; but that we are jufl:ified by Faith, which certainly is an AB: performed by a regenerate Per- . fon, for a new Creatulie only can perform the Works of the new Creature, and Faith is not the naked Manifeftation of ourJ ufl:ification, fo as ·Ne are jufl:ified before we have Faith; SatisfaB:ion is indeed ~i ven to J uftice by Chrift on the Crofs, for all our Sins, before we believe, and before any jufl:ified Per- / fon who lived thefe fifteen hundred Years be born; but alas, t\lat is not J ufl:ification, but only the meritorious Caufe of it, that is, as if one fhould fay, This Wa,ll is white fince the Creation of the World, tho~ this very Day only it was whitned, becat1fe Whitenefs was in t}le World fince the Creation; J uftification is a Forinfecal Senfence in Time pronounced in the Gofpel, and applied to me now, and never while the Inftant now that I believe, 'tis not formally an Aa of the Underfianding to know a Truth concerning myfelf, but 'tis an Heart·adherence of the Affetlions to Chrifl: as the Sa viour of Sinners, at the Prefence of which a Sent~nce of free Abfolution is pronounced. Suppc~fe tne