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SERM. 8 Triumph ofFaith. · 73 free ; therc:fore this is t~e ~ther Part : A11~ ye f!JaU be my People : Now 1t 1s taught by L1berrmes, 7!Jttt tbere can be no ct(lling with Chr~(i; in te Pro- \ ruife that bath a (j)_Zf:alification or Condition exp_re!Jed; and that .conditional Promifes are tegat. 'Tis true, if the Word Conrfition be taken in a wrong Senfe, · the Promifc:s are not conditionaL For, 1. Arminians take a Condition for a free Ad, which we abfolutely may perform by Freewill, not acred by the predeterminating Grace of Chrifr, io .7urifls take the Word, but tliis maketh Men Lords of Heaven and Hell, and putteth the Keys of Life and Death over to abiolute Contingency. ~= Conditions have a Popifh Senfe, for doing that which by iome Merit moveth God to give to Men Wages for Work, and io Promifes are not conditional; but Libertines. deny all Gonditions : But taking Co~diti<>n for any Q.Ealification wrought in us by the Power of the faving Grace of God; . Ghrift promifeth Soul-eafe but upon a Condition, which (I grant)his Grace worketh,that the Soul be Sin-fick for Chrii1, and he offereth U'ine and Milk, lfa.5 5· 1. And the 1-Vaters ofLife jreely,Rev.2z.q. Upon Condition, that you buy without Money; no Purfe is Chrii1's Grace-Market, no Hire and Senfe of W retchednef~ is a Hire for Chrift, and the Trnth is, 'tis an improper Condition; ifa Father promife Lands to a Son fo he will fay him a thoufand Crowns for the Lands, and i the Fatber of Free-grace can only, and doth give ·him the thou- .fa~d Crowns aHo, the Payment is moi1 improperly a Hjre o~ a Condition, :and we may well fay the whole J3argain is pure Grace; for both Wages and Work IS Free-grace; but the Ground of Libertines is fleihly Lazinds, and to fin becaufe Grace aboul;deth; I I