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'The EpijUe 'IJedicqtary. . , his Head, no matter whofe Head 1t warm, lt s taken from cl.·rift both ways : I ihall pray that the Famefs pf the Ffejh of ']rmlr, for this do no; wax Lean, f fa . xvii. -4· and that the wa1fare of Britain ~e accomp!ijhcd : But if the faithful VVatchmen know wh~r I:;Iour of the Night it is now, there be bur !mall appearance that it is ne!ir to the dawning of Britain·s Delive1·aqce, or that pur ~ky ilia] 1 clear in hafre, woula God tbe Year I 841 were with Child, to bring forrh the Salvation of Britain. It was once as incredible that the Enemy fhould have entered within the Gates ofJertt{l!em, Lam iv. 1 :2.. as it is now rh at rhey can enter within the Port& of London, Edinburgh, Dublin : I fpeak not this to encourage Ca'Valiers, for certainly God watcheth over rhem for Vengeance ; but that we go not on fimher to bt·eak with Chrift, the W eakne!S of new Heads, devifing new Religions, and multiply~g Gods(for two fundt·y and contrary Religions, argueth iilterpreta,tively two fimdry Gods) ~tcco..-dz"lzg to the Number ofottr Cities, muft come from ltorrennefs of our Hearts: 0 if we could be inftructed bt!fore the Decree, that is with Child of Plagues to the ~inn~rs in Zzon, br-ing forth a. Man Child; tmd before the long Shadows of the £.-r.'emTJg be jb*'Jtched out on tts. · But of this Th~me no more, Grace i~ the Propofition of this foll0wing Treati!e; when either Grace is turned inro painted, but rotren Nature, as Arminians do, ()r into Wantonnefs, as others do : The Errot to me is of a far other and higher Elevation than Opinions touching Church Gouernment: Tenacious adhering to Antmomian Errors, with an obitinate and final Pet·fii; tance in them, both as touching Fai~ll w, and f1:1itable PraB:ice of them, I fha11 think, cannot be fathered upon any of the regenerated: For it is an Opinion ' not in th(. Margin and Bot·ders, bur in the Page and l3od y, and too near the Cent er and viral Parts of the . Gofpel : lf any offend, that I defire to ·Anger them with Good~will to Grace) I ihall.ihive and itudy the Re~