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7/o_e Epijlle :JJedicatory. ttlng quz'rk for Chri£t. 0 how fecurely !'hould Fairh , land us out of the Gun-1hot of the prevailing Power of a black Hour of Dat·knefs l Faith can make us able to be wilJ in~, for Chrifl, to go thorow a Q;Jarter of Hell's Pain, Lord, give us not Leave to be' mad with worldly Wifdom. , 3 When the Temptation ileep-., thct mad Man is wif~, the Harl'Ot is fhafte ; but when the Veffel is peirced, o.ut cemeth that which is within, either Wine or Warer : Yet if we 1hould attenrively lay our Ear-s to Hypocrites, we fhou:d hear that their Lute-frrings do' · mifer~bly jar ; for Hyrocrifie is intelligible, ar1d mar be found our. Would Pflrliamcnts begin at Chrift, we fhould not fear that which ceNainly "o/e, have Caufe to fear ; One Wo is pajt, (lnd another Wo cometh; The Prophets in the thre.e .Kingdoms have not repentc:td of the S'uperftidon, Willworfhip, Idolatry, Perfe'cqtim::l, Propha,niry, R<>rma,.. lit]' which made them cui/e before the People: And the Judges and Princes, V..·hp t1trned Judgment iuto Gall and wqrmwood, not humbled, becaufe they were a Snfl1·e en .Mizpah, and a Net JPr!ad upon Tabor. No .Man repent~th, and, tur11etb fr~>m his etvil way: no .Man jmit- ~tb on his Thigh, jtryi11g, what ha'Ue I done? 'Tis but black Po~ry,'(the Name being changed, not the thing) to 'think the bypaft Sins of the Land are bypafr, and ;1 Sort of ReformatiOlt for time to con-le is fatisfaCl:ory to GOD, ex opere optrato, by the Deed aone : Y,ea, .the Di.vifions in the Churc\1 are a heavier .Pl!lgue than the raging Sword. Thefe fame Sins againfr the fidl: and fC!cond Tl:\ble ; the reconciling of us and Babylo1•1 Pride, B1 ibing, Extortion, Filthine!~ and Intemper- ~mc£ unpunifhed, Blood touching Blood, and not revenged, Vanity I ofApparel, the profdfed \IV ay of Salvation by ~ll Kinds/ of Religions whatloever are now Alia JCe- aCt:ed in another Stage, by other .P'erfons; na1 eadem but they are thefe fame Sins: If that fabula. flead-jhip flarre1·ing Prelates took from Jejits dlrrtfi,_ and gave to rhe King, be yet taken from Chrifl, a11d gtven ~o Men: If f;;f;riji's Crown bo fUlied o!f h\~