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76 The Trial a1zd SER.M. 3 tance ;, but here come to Chrift, wno will, after thou haft plaid the Harlot with many Lo,vers. Bring Hell and Sins red as Scarlet and Crimion, come and be waThen, come at the eleventh Hour and welcome ; fall and rife again in Chrift; run away, and come home again, and repent. 4· The Manner is, I. 'That fo much as would have bought ten thoufand Wotlds ofMen and Devils, was given for fo many only, an infinite Superplus of Love, fo (as I may fay) Chrift did ~ore than love us. EgJ'{Jt and E~hiopia was not given fer our Raniom. 2. A fure; and eternal Covenant, bottomed upon infinite Love. Why may not the Link be broken, and the Sheep pluckt out·of his Hand? Why, the Father that gave them to me is greater than all. Where dwelleth he? In what Hea- ,,.en? Who is ftronger than the Father? The Co~ venant with Night and Day is natural, and can- . not fail ; confirming Gr.ace in the fecond Aclam is tnore connatural. 3· Well ordered, Chrift keepeth his Place, the Father his Place, Faith its Place, the Sinner his Place. Ufe I. All without this Covenant are Miferable; Chrift undertaketh not for them : The Lord dealeth with them by Law, read :JJeut. 28. Lev. 26• .7ob 20. Chap. 18. and 2 7. They have Bread, but 'tis not fure, not. fo the ~Believer, lfo. 30. r 6. His :Bread jhall be given him, his Water jhatt be jure. The Believer has all by >the Freeholding of Gr~c.e~his Bread by Covenant, his Sleep by Promife, Safety from the Sword, to ly de..,wn, an~ no Ma.n fhaiJ make them afraid,., by Covenant ; hts Land 1s tilled by the Covenant of Grace, Ezek. 36. 34· The Man not in this Covena~t ha_th all by Tenor of the condemning Law, the Weapon ofSteel lhall go