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~ / S~R.l\L 9 Trittmph if Fdith. 1J t are never fatisfied with beholding: S~ppole they could wear out their Eyes at the Eye-holes in be:.:. holding God, they fhould ftill delire ~o fee mo~e'. To fee hitri Face to Face, bath a great deal ritor~ m ir, than is exprelfed; Words a_te Jhort Garments to - the Thing it~e~f: Your now finfu} Fac·e to h1s holy Face, your p1ece Clay Face to his uncreattd So~l_:- • • delighting _Face is ada?-ira~le. _We do not prad.e Chnit, and hold out hts Vutues to Men and Angels. The Creatures, as the Heav~n, S_uri, _Moon, are God's Debtors, and they owe h1tn Glory: But 1vlen who have {Jnderfta,nding an~ Tongue~, are God's FaB:ots and , Chamber~am~ to gather m the Rent of Glory and Ptaife to God; the Heavens do indeed declare the Glory of God, Pfal. 1 9· I. but they are but dumb Muficians, they are the Harp, which of idelf can ma:ke no Mufick; the Creature's borrow Man's Mouth and Tong•.1e t<? fp~ak what they have bee"n th_ink)ng 1 of God and, his Excellency thefe five thot;liand Years; no~ all the Glory of God, and the Glory of the Creatures ate made new by Chtift, Rev. it .. 5'. And made Friends with God, Cot. I. 20. and are in a fpecial Manner in the , Mediator Chri~; he is, Heb. I. 3. th~ Irradiation or Yirightnefs of the Glory, And t he Chara8er or exprefs Image of his Per./on : All Creatures by .A_... dam's Sin, loft their golden Luftre, and are now Vanity-fick, like a Woman travdlin?- in . Birth, Rom. ~. 22. A..ll the Creatures by Sin,. did lei~ ob-• jeB:ivel y glorify God, tha:n th~:y Jbould have done I ' if Sin had never been in the W_orld_, and fo they were at a fort of Variance and Divifion with God: And it 'pteafed, Col. 1. 20. the Father in Chrift to make Priendjhip between God and all things-;, t.~at is, to confirm Angels, to reconcile: Man, to re:.. F ilore