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Tht Trial a1td - SE It M. 9 ftore the Creatures, to be more illu!hious Objects · · of Glory: Now, the lnco111e of the Rents of Glory is more due to Chrift, and the Debt the grea.rer, in that Chrift ~ath made all Things new, a~d why ' Jhould we not m the Name of Sun, Moon, Earth, Heaven, which are all 1oofed from the Arreftment of Vanity by Chrift, and in the Name ·of Angels and ofSa~nts redeem'<~, hold forth the Praifes and the Glory of God in Chrift Z Pay, pay what you owe to Chrift, 0 all Creatures! but efpecially you redeemed ones. Ufe 3· If Chrift the Mediator be fo ex~;:ellent a Pedon, we are to feek our Life , the GofpeJ-way )n Cht·~ft; we often conce~ve legal or Law-thoughts of Cbrdt; when we conceive the Father juft, fev11ret and Chrift his s~n to be more Meek and Merciful; hut the Text ca!leth ,him Lord, and fo that fame God w'ith the Father; nor hath Chrift more ~f Law, by dying to fatisfy the Law, nor is he more merciful than the Father, becaufe he and the Father are one; there are not two infinite Wills, two infinite J\.1ercies, 1one in the Father, another in thcs Son: but one Will, one Mercy in ' both, and we owe alike Love and Honour to both, tho' there be ·an Order in loving God, and ferving him through Chrift. ' [(fe 4· Infinite Love, and infinite Majefiy 'on.- ' cur both in Chrlir; Love and Majefiy in Men, are often contrary to one another, and the one leffeneth the other; in Chrifr, the infinite God breatheth Love in our Flefh, I. And we fee but little of Chrift, we know 'not well the Gofpel-Spirit, we reft m1,1ch on Duties, to go civil Saints to Heaven; but the Truth is, there be no moral Men and Ch;itiatJS in Heaven, t?ey be all deep. in ~nr~ w ho. ~re there 5 we . •