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~4 . 7he Trial a1td . SERM. , . the Temple given, but oyled with Mercies, Zacf; 1. 16. 'Therefore thus faith the Lord, I am re turned to Jerujatem with Mercie,s; my Hou{t jhatt ~e builded in it. .Epaphroditus recovered 1-Iealth, but with ir, forne of God's Heart and .Bowels alfo, Phit~ 1. 27. For indeed he was ficlc n-ear to :I.Jeath, but God had .Mercy on him. ' 1. The Ground of it was God's Met:cy ; the two blindMen, A1atth. 20. 30. put this in their Bill, they cry,Have Mercy on us, 0 Lord, thou Son of ' They will notlhave feeing Eyes, but under the Notion of, Mercy: :David pained with f0re Sicknefs, as forne think, or under fome other Rod of God, .ddireth to be healed, upon this Ground. Pfat. 6. ~. Have Mercy on me, 0 Lord, for 1 am weak. . 3· Fai th, with a fpivitual Eye, looketh to temporal Favours, as Chriftand his Merits goeth about them, Heb. 11. 22. :By Faith Jofeph when he died made mention of the Children of Ifrael's :I.Jeparture. v. 2 3· Jly Fait/J Mofes come t(l Age, refuf eel to be caUed the Son of Pharaoh's '])aughter. · Why? . And that was but a civil Honour. Mojes his Faith look'd at it in a fpiritual Manner. 4·. That fame Ground, that moveth God to give Chrift,is enough to move him to give a 11 other Thmgs with Chrift;as by what Rightseven the Right of a Son; a Fathergiveth the InheritancetohisSon,bythadame' he giveth him Food, Rayment, Protetl:ion, Phyfick; tbP.'re be not two Parents here,but by one and the fame Covenant,Ezek. 36.2 5 ,z6.Th~ Lord giveth to hisPeople Remiffion ofSins: ~nd v. 3o He multiptieth the Fruit of•the Tree, qndremoveth Famine. Jn the fame f p;ritual Capacity ofSons we pray, that our Father tWouldfo?xi ·ve us our Sins,and .~ive us our daily br~a'd. ~et Chr1ft £rft >the l:reatSh i p~and then all other thm gs · · the